outdoor lighting fixtures, high voltage & low voltage lighting, gaslight conversions.
  outdoor lighting fixturs - gaslight lantern  
Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
Gaslight lantern includes:
4 Glass Panes and Eagle Mount. (No internal)
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  low voltage lighting kit  
Low Voltage Lighting Kit
High voltage & low voltage lighting kits! Convert your costly gaslight to electric today...
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  gaslight accessories  
Gaslight Base Unit
Dress up your pole. Slides over any pole and turns your gaslight into an antique treasure.
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  As the pioneer of gaslight conversion kits, thousand have been installed in Minnesota since 1976. The burning of gas in outddoor yardlights was banned by the state in 1977.
Energy Saving Benefits

Lighting with electricity saves you money. This light operates for $.90 per month compared to $9 up to $22 with gas.

Gas lamps produce more heat than light. the heat generated by 6 gas lamps will heat a home.

New easier installation designed for the do-it-yourselfer.

Our 12V conversion kit provides safe, energy saving installation.

The two inverted bulbs burn cool and will not flare out when contacted by moisture. If a standard bulb is used in an upright socket, it will require frequent replacing due to moisture that is blown into the lamp through its numberous ventilation holes and loose fitting glass.

The fixture can also be installed into any single mantle gas lamp as well aa most electric yardlights.

All parts have been pretested and include a One Year Warranty (excluding bulbs in 15 and 25 watt).